So You’re a Lawyer. Now What?

After fighting for so long to get where you are, do you ever find yourself asking:

THIS is what I went to law school for?

Did you expect that it would be different? Would FEEL differently?

Are you struggling to figure out how to find clients, build your network, and improve your skills?

Do you need an impartial mentor who is going to challenge you to create more success?

I get it. I’ve been there. I spent a decade building my specialty and later establishing my own practice group and building it from the ground up.

I made all sorts of mistakes and tried a million things that didn’t work.

Learn from my mistakes. Build your practice and find your independence.

I am passionate about the challenges women face in the legal industry and I am making it my life’s work to be a champion for women in the legal industry.

I am a certified executive life coach and I work solely with female attorneys.

I help my clients reclaim their voice. Navigate firm politics. Obtain greater work-life balance and find greater peace and happiness.

Don’t try and do it all on your own.

Coach with me.

Bio Thingies

Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies and Political Science), Professor (Business School and Law School), Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Instructor

Green thumb enthusiast, cheese aficionado, beer snob (barley wines, scotch ales, porters, stouts, yes, please and thank you), clueless sommelier, recovering attorney, dreamy writer, terrible singer, weird sense of humor, 1000% gullible, tea-aholic, mediocre dancer, lover of life and all things furry.

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