Coaching Programs

Have you ever questioned whether practicing law is right for you?

Do you struggle with “impostor syndrome”?

Are you trying to establish yourself in your firm?

Do you want to find more happiness and fulfillment in your work?

Are you interested feeling more confident, trusted and respected?

I offer a series of 6-week programs, designed to help attorneys be more confident, find more balance, and increase their happiness. Each series builds upon the prior.

All coaching is done through Zoom video conferencing. For all your coaching questions, check out the FAQs.

Series 1: Planning Your Personal Success

You will learn:

How to handle negative feedback

How your beliefs about yourself are handicapping you

How to take action on your goals

How to deal with difficult clients and co-workers

Series 2: Building Your Legal Success

You will learn:

How to understand your purpose

How to build self-confidence

How to cultivate emotional balance

How to improve relationships

Series 3: The Bigger Picture

In this series, we shift our focus to the broader spectrum and work on the following topics:

How to make your ideas a reality

How to lead


How to get more done

General Session Packages

In addition to the above series, many of my clients elect to purchase a package of six sessions and use them on an as needed basis.

Ready to make an investment in yourself?

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“We need in every bay and community a group of angelic troublemakers.”

― Bayard Rustin