Working with Autumn Noble has changed my life and I’m only 4 sessions in.


Autumn Noble is One of 13 Women Who Are Changing The Game in the Legal Industry

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 I am so grateful for you. You are making a big difference in my life. 


I truly mean it, you do God’s work, Autumn!


How has this experience helped you?

This coaching course helped me realize how much I am holding myself back . . . Not the circumstances, not the “uncertain times,” not the world around me – just me. I now have the tools to uncover what I’m capable of – and then GO DO IT! Truly life-changing work!


“The day after our last session I woke up with a fire I haven’t felt in a while.   I’m feeling so much more positive and with a direction.  Thank you!!”


Autumn was able to provide really valuable feedback. She was able to alert me to thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back – that I had never noticed before. She is extremely insightful and amazing at holding the space so that I feel comfortable in sharing. I now know exactly what to focus on and what to look out for when I’m not achieving my goals.


I am Very Satisfied. Some time has passed since I finished the program and I feel that I fully appreciate the growth I enjoyed because of the program. I have such a better understanding of who I am, my value, and now have amazing tools to reframe negative thoughts that hold me back.

Megan M.

It helped me recognize and address self-limiting beliefs that were circulating in my mind as constant negative thought chatter.


I feel more calm and confident.  I feel lighter and ready to be who I know I can be.


How would you describe this program to a friend?

I would recommend this to my friends absolutely, 100%! And to my enemies, too! Everyone needs this work. It should be taught in schools.


A coaching experience where you are pushed to consider your thought patterns and how they might impact your results. Then, you learn great tools to shift things that aren’t serving you. It’s a really valuable experience focusing on yourself and your goals.

Megan M.

Other Feedback

It was super helpful, and I hope to work together again soon.


I really loved that Autumn approached the sessions free of judgement. She didn’t tell me what to do or how to do it, make assumptions, or give her personal opinion on my situation – she let me uncover that for myself and guided me through that process, which made me realize that I CAN!


I found it so helpful! Thank you!!!!!

Megan M.