I work with two kinds of lawyers.

Associate attorneys (and law students) who are struggling with their lawyering dreams.

My clients want to be successful and they don’t want to give up on the dream they have worked so hard for.

They wonder why law school didn’t teach them how to deal with difficult clients and partners or how to handle the demands of practicing.

They want to learn how to find clients, build a network, and improve their skills.

Many of my clients are second-guessing their career path. Wondering if they made a mistake and are contemplating an abrupt career change.

They want to learn how to balance the demands gracefully and build a purposeful life that fills them with pride.

I give my clients the foundational tools to manage the demands of practicing law, take control of their career, and find more balance and happiness.

As a practicing attorney, I’ve been there. I spent a decade building my specialty and later establishing my own practice group and building it from the ground up. Now, I teach my clients how to do the same.

I made all sorts of mistakes and tried a million things that didn’t work. My clients benefit from those experiences and create their own success in alignment with their goals.

Learn from my mistakes. Build your practice and find your independence.

I offer 1:1 coaching and small group coaching for women attorneys. For 1:1 coaching, get started with a free consult.

Law firms and leadership fighting to retain their best talent.

According to the NALP Foundation’s 2017 Update on Associate Attrition Report, 44 percent of associates leave their firms after being there for three years.

The report states that “the costs of attorney recruiting and attrition are taking an ever-increasing toll on each firm’s bottom line. The nation’s largest law firms spend billions of dollars each year to recruit, train, and ultimately lose lawyers from their ranks.”

When an attorney leaves a firm, the cost to the firm ranges from $400,000 to more than $800,000 and turn over costs the legal industry roughly $9.1 billion annually in just the 400 largest firms in the United States.

How is your firm addressing attrition?

More and more firms look to coaching as a recruitment, retention, talent management, and leadership development tool. Coaching allows practice group leaders to focus on the work at hand while engaging outside support to mentor, grow, and develop supporting attorneys.