I am an attorney and certified life coach and founder of the Lawyer Life Collective: life & career coaching for women lawyers. I have spent years coaching women from all over the world to create more balance and happiness in all aspects of their lives. Historically, my practice was focused on women attorneys but time and time again I have been urged to expand my practice to women of all backgrounds. Those prompts lead me to create the Lady(ish) Life Collective to do just that–share everything I have learned coaching powerful women lawyers to women in all walks of life.

In Lady(ish), I leverage all of my experiences coaching successful women to reclaim their voice, obtain greater work-life balance, and find greater peace and happiness and distill those learnings down to a core series: How to Change Your Life. I want women all over the world to have the tools that I have seen transform lives, time and time again. I offer those tools in an accessible seminar series format supplemented by 1:1 coaching for those wishing to take this work even deeper.

As women achieve power, the barriers will fall. As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we’ll all be better off for it.


Certifications: Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Political Science, Adjunct Professor (Business School and Law School), Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Instructor, Yoga Teacher 200hr Training (pending).

More importantly…I’m a green thumb enthusiast, cheese aficionado, beer snob, clueless sommelier, recovering attorney, dreamy writer, terrible singer, weird sense of humor, tea-aholic, mediocre dancer, lover of life and all things furry with a pirate mouth and more tattoos than my mother prefers.

Author, “Powerhouse Women: She Built It Herself,” (2022) a book that delineates the stories of such CEO female entrepreneurs-the ones who stood alone but strong in chasing their visions for a life of more stability, fulfillment, and influence; a life of success and abundance, rather than scarcity and stress. Their stories demonstrate a very empowering fact: that women, when they choose to maximize on their potential and burn bright instead of fading into the shadows, are illustrious, formidable, and a pillar of strength.

Coming Soon! “The Lawyer Life Survival Guide,” (2024) a book for every professional who struggles to find their true north. As an attorney and survivor of domestic violence, this book chronicles my journey through abuse and toxic relationships (personal and professional), drawing parallels between how I was showing up in my personal life and my professional life and the impact that had on my success in all aspects of life. This book explores the challenging world of practicing law, while providing practical and actionable tips I’ve gleaned from years of coaching hundreds of lawyers. This book will help attorneys better understand the challenges of practicing law while reconnecting with their value and gaining clarity around their future.

Named one of 13 Women Who Are Changing The Game in the Legal Industry by Yahoo! Finance in 2020

A story about why I do this work.